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Think Like a Tester, Train as a Developer.

Training is the key.... I consider myself a man of habit, somewhat stubborn and stuck in my ways especially when I was younger. In my first few jobs mainly working in data warehouses, I refused to work with graphical SQL clients, it was all sqlplus, db2, isql for example, and up until a few years ago I would not go near an IDE, I was tied In holy matrimony to vim. I have chilled out a lot since then and have become more open minded, and would not develop anything without my trusty intelliJ IDE, in addition I wish I had embraced these more modern tools sooner in my career, but why didn’t I?. I always felt there was something pure about working with the command line, seeing lines of green output on a black screen always made me feel more technical, and indeed it made me more technical. I had to think about ORACLE environment variables, about where the database lived and what files I had to configure to connect to it, I forced myself to do it the hard way which in turn helpe