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Starting a Teams Transformation

Where to begin? For the past 7 years I’ve been working on large scale transformation projects, more often my role requires me to go into development teams that are not delivering to their stakeholders expectations and fix ‘things’. A broad remit and as you can imagine, every team will have their own problems, bottlenecks, frustrations and external pressures. I have found however a pretty standard analysis phase that I use to gather quantitative and factual data around a teams current performance. This relates to pipelines, engineering agility and team structure. Pipelines Value Stream Map Breaking down the teams 'route to live' via a value stream map gives me an understanding of the phases and allows me to quickly pinpoint any bottlenecks that would be affecting delivery times. It also uncovers information on the phases, the high level engineering process, any system and team dependencies that make up a release to live.  An example diagram of a simple VSM